Follow-up Comment #6, patch #4405 (project freeciv):

> If we're to do anything about this for 2.5, it blocks the data
> file format, freeze, I think?

Frankly, the solution you have proposed seems very bad hack to me. I much
prefer keeping it as it is in 2.5, at least what comes to datafile format. I
think we can improve it for the most common cases (just one kind of roads
added) quite easily without touching datafile formats, leaving current
messages as fallback for more exotic rulesets where single tech discovery
enables multiple AutoOnCityCenter extras. If that's not enough, we have to
make format changes in a sustainable way (something that is consistent with
our other developments) in future versions.

That's my opinion, don't take it as law. If you disagree, we've got votes 1-1,
so other people should say their opinion too.


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