Follow-up Comment #7, patch #4405 (project freeciv):

Mm, it's true that this proposed bit of the script API sticks out like a sore

However, in general, I'd like to find a sustainable way for ruleset authors to
override automatic help text where it isn't helpful or could use more
description. I think this has to be in a bit of the ruleset that allows
expressive specification of conditions. The two places we have like that are
the effects system (which is better suited to specifying combinatorial
conditions, rather than transitions like this) and Lua scripting. So this
proposal was a concrete example of that sort of thought.

I'm still a bit sceptical that we can come up with automatic text that
encompasses both "WOW all your cities have free railroads" from "The two of
your thirty cities that happened to be on rivers got free bridges" (the latter
doesn't really warrant talking excitedly about new hope sweeping like fire),
without it ending up rather specific to our existing rulesets.

However, I think it probably is too late to do anything for 2.5 (I have no
candidate patch).


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