Follow-up Comment #4, bug #21539 (project freeciv):

(I agree that reverting bug #21312 is probably the best plan for 2.4.2.)

The attached hex2t.png illustrates my original plan, but clearly it won't work
as-is, because there's nowhere to put darkness "wedges" for the vertical
sides. (For this reason I guess it'd be completely unusable for square

As a result, this doesn't completely erase the extranea when I try it;
however, it works as well as could be expected. Do I have any right to expect
it to? -- might a bounding box smaller than the full rectangle be applied

Clearly in this case it *would* be possible for the tileset author to
construct darkness sprites that exactly overprint any other protruding sprites
such as the forest trees, but that's a maintenance hassle.

Probably simpler would be for the game to draw a ring of full darkness tiles
around the tiles to which the penumbral darkness overlays have been applied.
This would need to be optional somehow.

It feels to me as though the tileset author should be able to control at which
layer (or between which two layers) these darkness overlays are applied, so
that iso tilesets can use it while still having "tall" objects. However, I'm
not that familiar with how tilesets work and are painted, so perhaps it's more
complicated than that.


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