Summary: Reduce duplication in POTFILES.*
                 Project: Freeciv
            Submitted by: jtn
            Submitted on: Sun Jan 26 13:38:52 2014
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                Priority: 5 - Normal
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         Planned Release: 2.5.0,2.6.0



As the first step toward sorting out multi-translation-domain procedures
(patch #4190), I'd like to reduce the duplication of POTFILES file lists.

Currently, when you add a new file to svn (including nations), as well as
having to plumb it into the Makefiles, I think you have to edit 3 of 6 files:
translations/{freeciv,nations,ruledit}/POTFILES.{in,skip}. These are going to
be a right pain to keep in sync (already they are not).

Some vague ideas for how we can improve this:
* Do we actually need POTFILES.skip? I can't see it referenced anywhere -- is
it used by some tool we depend on? If not, we can get rid of that.
* It feels like we could automate nations at least -- when generating
translations/*/POTFILES, can we get the list of ruleset files from
data/nation/Makefile.am:pkgdata_DATA, and then filter by whether each file
mentions translation_domain="freeciv"?
* We could also filter ruledit by location (any file in tools/ruledit/ has
strings collected for translations/ruledit rather than translations/freeciv).
** (This is independent of whether we can one day get rid of special R__()
marking entirely. Right now, use of R__() vs _() is coterminous with being in
tools/ruledit/ and the current arrangements require us to maintain that.)

With the above measures, it would perhaps be sufficient to have a single file
translations/POTFILES.in (which could perhaps not mention nations at all).


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