Marko Lindqvist wrote on Jan 30, 00:49 (+0200):
> For many project members are active only in these mailing lists, and
> not necessarily following the forums, here's a link to forum
> discussion about project name. It's still just speculation about
> changing the project name, but I want to keep all members informed and
> welcome everybody's input.
> Translators might have extra insight since in that discussion we have
> not limited our options to English language name.

I don't see the point in changing the name at all.

Starting point of the discussion was a shop that (packages and) sells FOSS
for cheap money - 5 Euros or so - what I think is a really cool idea. It's
like the Wikipedia books. Hey, the guy even sells 'The Gimp'

I like 'Freeciv', it expresses a lot of what Freeciv _is_.

The copyright issues are long resolved. 


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