Follow-up Comment #1, bug #21589 (project freeciv):

The difference between topologies "hex" and "hex|iso" is not really in if it's
isometric or not, but just in the rotation of the hex (which 6 directions out
of 8 available in square topologies exist). Of course this is defined in the
terms of North, South etc. so it's also a question of where on the screen
North is.

For the map layout (whether topology is isometric or not), following macro
tells a lot:
#define MAP_IS_ISOMETRIC (current_topo_has_flag(TF_ISO) ||

That is, map is isometric for both of topologies "hex" and "hex|iso".

I don't know if there's a strong argument for calling one of the possible
direction sets "hex" and the other "hex|iso" and not the other way around? If
not (or if the argument goes against current server setup), attached patch
changes server side to agree about the directions with the client (changing
the client would be harder, as there's also all the drawing code involved).
This version is for testing only. If we go this way, we need to add code to
savegame compatibility layer to toggle the "iso" bit in old hex topology

Tested with "hex" topology & "hex" tileset only, since we don't have "hex|iso"
tilesets available.

(file #19955)

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