Summary: techs lost due to tech upkeep
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When tech upkeep and tech loss are enabled, it is possible to lose a random
tech when the reserve of science bulbs are negative. However, the number of
negative bulbs needed to cause the loss of a tech depends on the cost of the
tech being researched, instead of the tech being lost.
I see this design problematic because the lost tech could be much cheaper (for
example 100 bulbs) than the negative bulbs (for example -500 bulbs). In this
case it would be better to lose the tech and to re-research it, than to pay
the tech upkeep (in the example, you waste 100 bulbs to recover a lost tech,
while you save 500 bulbs for not paying the upkeep).
I would suggest to handle the loss of techs in the same way than the loss of
buildings: when the bulbs are negative, the value in bulbs of the lost tech
(or a percentage choosen from 1 to 100%) is summed to the reserve of science.
There could be a setting to choose this percentage (or set it to 50% like the
sold buildings), but I think it should never be greater then 100%. I mean, a
tech that cost 100 bulbs should never restore your reserve of bulbs from -500
to 0 as it happens now.

More info in the forum: http://forum.freeciv.org/f/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=241


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