Follow-up Comment #1, bug #21623 (project freeciv):

An example from the forum:

Let's say we are playing with the rule "one tech loss per turn when negative
bulbs" (the worst case as you said), and imagine the tech upkeep when you have
researched almost the whole tree is -1000 bulbs per turn, while the cheapest
tech in the ruleset costs 100. Now imagine you gain 2000 bulbs when taxes are
100% to science, or 2000 gold when taxes are 100% to gold.
In this case, it is a waste of money to pay the upkeep everyturn, it is better
to toggle between taxes 100% to money, and 100% to gold.

Option 1)
- taxes set to 50%: you pay 1000 bulbs for upkeep and gain 1000 gold.
After 2 turns you gain 2000 gold and you avoid losing techs

Option 2)
- taxes set to 100% gold one turn: you do not pay the tech upkeep, you lose
one tech that cost 100 bulbs, and gain 2000 gold.
- taxes set to 100% science next turn: you pay 1000 bulbs for tech upkeep, and
gain 1000 bulbs for research (-100 used to re-research the lost tech)
After 2 turns, you gain 2000 gold and 900 bulbs, and you suffer one turn
without one random tech.

It would be like paying 1000$ everyturn to upkeep buildings, and if you do not
pay it, you only lose one building that cost 100$ to be rebuilt. In the case
of buildings you also lose the effects of the building until you rebuilt it,
but in the case of technologies, the only purpose of most techs is to be
requisite of other techs that you already researched, or to build improvements
that you already built.

My suggestion would be to sum to the reserve of bulbs a percentage of the cost
of the lost tech, 50% by default, similar to buildings sold.
If you lose a tech worth 100 bulbs, you sum 50 to the final balance.


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