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Follow-up Comment #9:

Patches based on cazfi's attached, for trunk/S2_5.

Main change is to conditionalise on was_game_started() rather than
S_S_INITIAL, as the former is the right answer in the case of loading a
started/"running" game into a fresh server (which will sit in S_S_INITIAL
until everyone is ready).

It fixes the original reported issue, although it's now necessary to dig out
tileset-demo.sav from S2_3 or thereabouts to reproduce it.

Haven't looked at whether anything needs doing for S2_4 yet.

>> I think the only issue [on S2_4] is in loading then saving a 
>> pregame savegame (which is somewhat theoretical)?
> Does it really require loading old game first? Isn't there a 
> problem even if one "/create" a player (maybe even having aifill 
> != 0 suffice?) and then saves in pregame? Use-case for that 
> would be creation of new scenario, one where is no map but all 
> the other settings, including players, set. Updating such a 
> scenario would be use-case for load + save, of course.
I'm not sure it's currently possible to save a game that's not yet started but
with players defined? I've not found a way to do so.

(file #20067, file #20068)

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