Follow-up Comment #6, patch #3286 (project freeciv):

A recent edit to
suggests that this problem is still happening with 2.3.5 and Windows 2000.

It links to several solutions, which boil down to including Wspiapi.h before
using freeaddrinfo() (see MSDN

Originally, we diagnosed our problem as being in precompiled Glib, for which I
think this solution wouldn't have helped.
However, we now have at least one direct reference to freeaddrinfo(), in
netintf.c; so perhaps Microsoft's advice applies to us now.

Also, on Glib:

> Some Googling suggests Glib versions 2.20.5 < x < 2.22.5 are 
> affected by this Win2K issue.
Looking through the Glib git repository, I think the fix referred to early
went in between 2.23.4 and 2.23.5, and on the stable glib-2-22 branch between
2.22.4 and 2.22.5.

I believe the current Windows installers we ship use Glib 2.34.3 (at least,
2.4.1 Gtk2 did, and I believe 2.3.5 and 2.4.2 are the same).
The older bundle we used for 2.3.4 included Glib 2.24.2.
So, both long postdate the fixed Glib.

However, in the Glib ticket
<>, Tor Lillqvist says "the
patch won't help those using my binaries, though, as they are built with a
compiler that does not come with <wspiapi.h>". Maybe we fall into that
category? Later it is said "the only solution to this bug that I'm aware of --
if you need to
go the pre-compiled route -- is to use Glib 2.22.1."

(I note a commit 2012-12-02 in upstream Glib
with log message "this commit effectively drops the Windows 2000 support in
glib". I think this debuted in release 2.35.3. So if/when we upgrade to that,
we have no hope of continuing Win2K support.)

If we're not going to address this -- and given the above hairball and the
time since Win2K went obsolete, I'm inclined not to try -- we should at least
remove claims from the wiki that our current packages support Windows 2000 and
NT, since they clearly don't.


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