Follow-up Comment #2, bug #21875 (project freeciv):

The issue is that the code has a hardcoded assumption that there are no
possible movement rates between MOVE_COST_IGTER and 0. 
common/aicore/pf_tools.c:igter_move_unit() tests to see if map_move_cost() ==
0, and if it is, grants a move cost of 0, and if not, grants a move cost of

Trunk doesn't have this issue because igter_move_unit() was removed entirely
by patch #3900.  Either that patch can be backported, or the conditional can
be changed to check if the move cost is less than MOVE_COST_IGTER, rather than
!= 0.

I'm not sure which is the better solution: I'm in favour of the approach from
patch #3900, but it may be considered more invasive (as it subtly changes the
logic applied for UTYF_IGTER unit pathfinding movement).


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