Follow-up Comment #7, patch #4400 (project freeciv):

Last tweak: I had a sudden worry about "the The Pyramids wonder". Turns out
that our rulesets call it just Pyramids, but I've removed articles and the
word 'wonder' on general principles.

Also, S2_4 version attached. I remember why I was keen to do this -- this
touches many of the same strings as patch #3841 did, so if I don't backport
this, then translators still on S2_4 see two sets of churn.
However, this patch introduces significant churn of its own -- cumulative with
patch #3841, it touches 81 strings on S2_4, as opposed to just 33 for patch
#3841 alone.

(file #20551, file #20552, file #20553)

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File name: S2_4-rework-req-descs-5.patch  Size:38 KB


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