Follow-up Comment #3, patch #4400 (project freeciv):

This patch looks great.  S2_4 would benefit from it, but it is a lot of work
to backport it, and then a lot of translation effort to make a difference. 
Probably only worth it if there is vast player outcry about the help being
subtly wrong.  Some specific comments on the trunk patch:

VUT_IMPROVEMENT/REQ_RANGE_CONTINENT: "surviving or non-wonder continent-ranged
requirements not supported": is the survival part not a yet-unimplemented part
of the sources cache, or is this intended for some reason?  (yes, this text
matches the current code in is_building_in_range()).

VUT_EXTRA/*: Extras strings have frustrating grammar: "Requires Irrigation on
the tile" makes perfect sense.  "Requires Airbase on the tile" feels like it
dropped an article (yes, this is a problem with English: most languages either
always or never have articles).

VUT_NATION/REQ_RANGE_PLAYER: "...playing the %s nation": should this be
"...playing as the %s nation"?  The first seems like it could match the
construction used in "Is Alice playing freeciv?", "She's playing Bob"
(implying Alice and Bob are competing players).

VUT_NATION/*: In parallel to Resources and Extras, is the "nation"
semantically useful here?

VUT_STYLE/*: With the change in how city styles work, is this the correct set
of ranges?  (This may be a different bug in a different ticket, but it occurs
to me during review of this patch).  Also, I think it could benefit from an
article in many cases (at least for "Asian" and "Classical").

VUT_DIPLREL/*: These read awkwardly to me: perhaps something like "Requires
you to be at War with at least one living player"(REQ_RANGE_PLAYER/present),
or "Requires that no living players are at Peace with each
other"(REQ_RANGE_WORLD/!present).  That said, being "at Armstice" or "at Cease
Fire" or "at Alliance" all make almost no sense, so this suggestion can't be
used directly.

uses of PL_(): To confirm, these duplicate lines are to support multiple
pluralisations?  What about languages with dual number (e.g. Russian), where
one may need slightly different construction for one, two, and many (I don't
actually know if Russian happens to require different constructions for any of
these strings, but I do know that Russian isn't the only language with dual
numbers and I do know that I have no practical knowledge of some languages
having dual number, so am a poor counterparty to say that something is

VUT_AI_LEVEL: Could this be "Applies to %s AI players" and "Does not apply to
%s AI players"?

VUT_MINYEAR: Perhaps "...the game has/has not yet reached the year..."?

VUT_TERRAINALTER: Can this be safely removed, with the transition to extras
and the various *_POSSIBLE effects?  The helptext matches the current code,
but I'm not sure we want the current code.

VUT_MAXTILEUNITS: Why use a non-verbal construction here (especially with a
verbal hint to translators)?

    The prior comment about PL_() applies here as well, although I've nothing
to add to it.


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