Follow-up Comment #6, patch #4400 (project freeciv):

VUT_IMPROVEMENT/REQ_RANGE_CONTINENT: Indeed, this just adds a yak.

Articles: this is probably an artefact of having dealt with i18n too much, but
yes, there is no good solution without ruleset integration (another yak).

PL_(): Thanks for the pointer: I retract my criticism entirely :)

VUT_TERRAINALTER: The current code is very prone to false positives, but upon
further investigation, the gen_extras stuff hasn't made it completely obsolete
yet, so probably another yak (perhaps to be handled as part of thought around
patch #3756).

    Version 4 of the trunk patch looks good to me now.  I'm not confident in
my ability to carefully review the S2_5 one after looking at the trunk one,
but it at least passes cursory examination.


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