Follow-up Comment #1, patch #4671 (project freeciv):

I'm uncomfortable with the philosophy behind this patch, because it encodes
what actions can be done by action+terrain, rather than basing it on unit
nativity, which either forces all action-enabled units to have similar
nativity or requires the ruleset author to spend all sorts of time duplicating
actionenabler enties to support the alternatives.  This represents a
regression from current behaviour (where one can reuse the same actionenabler
clauses for both land-based and sea-based spies, for example).

So, if we consider these actions to be attacks, could we not reuse unit
nativity, UCF_ATT_NON_NATIVE, and UTYF_ONLY_NATIVE_ATTACK as a means to limit
the actions that a unit may take against a given tile?  Alternately, if
actions are not to be considered attacks, I'd much prefer to see the nativity
constructions be about unit definitions than about hardcoded terrains (this
may require adding the ability to determine if a unit is native to a tile as a


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