Follow-up Comment #7, patch #4671 (project freeciv):

I have read the entire thread (which took me a long time because of my poor

If I understand correctly, you are requesting here that spy action enablers
would be moved to ruleset definition instead of being hard-coded in the server
(and maybe client and AI, I didn't check if it matches).

I suppose this is a part of series to generalize such actions.

Isn't a way to test in a requirement a terrain is native to the unit? If not,
this is probably the lack of highest priority for getting your objective.

I think the term "attack" means "attack", nothing else, and shouldn't mean
anything else.

If I remember correctly, only diplomatic unit action uses action enablers at
the moment. I suggest that "Attack", "Help Wonder", "Establish Trade Route"
(and maybe some other) should use the action enablers.

After, maybe units able to do these actions would be determined directly in
their definition in the ruleset. And then, many unit flags would become
obsolete (and I think this would be very easier to maintain, notably to keep
server/client/AI synchronized).

If writing such conditions using the requirement syntax, why not using some
magic lua function?


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