Follow-up Comment #2, patch #4671 (project freeciv):

Thanks for your feed back, Emmet.

Your suggestions looks like two alternatives I had considered. I may have
considered them enough that anything even remotely similar looks like one of
them. Please let me know if I'm talking about something else than what you

Alternative 1: Test if the unit is on native terrain in requirement
Adding requirement types that look at various other unit information has been
on my TODO-list for a while. I have delayed working on it to avoid collisions
with all the other requirement work. My original plan was to add an "is the
unit on a native tile"-test there and then use it in this patch. That would
make it possible to keep the rules nativity-based. Aesthetically it helps
keeping the population of the requirement type for various unit information
(like CityTile is for tiles) above one. It allows the same flexibility as the
current patch: if an action done from non native terrain is allowed or not can
vary depending on other requirements. On the other hand testing for nativity
bring complexity that could give a result the rule set author didn't expect. I
was uncertain about the demand for the cases where it is useful. (Examples:
"action enable based on nativity + complex nativity" and "action enable based
on nativity + spy units that behave similar with different kind of nativity")
Your comment counts as evidence that there is demand.

Alternative 2: It is an attack ("Marines" etc)
It could be said that we currently consider the spy actions to be attacks. Why
else would we ban doing them from non native terrain? By the same standard
other actions I would like to move to action enabler control, like establish
trade route, aren't considered attacks. (This could be solved by adding a flag
saying that an action is an attack) I'm not convinced that everyone will agree
what should be considered attacks. I can imagine a rule set where a land
diplomat on a boat can establish an embassy but not incite the city to change
sides. (This could be solved by making the action flag ruleset configurable) A
down side is that rules like "Land unit Spy can establish Embassy from a boat
by land unit Diplomat can't" becomes impossible. (This could be solved by
complex action definitions in the ruleset and defining two different actions.
But not in the near future)

I think I'll implement the test mentioned in Alternative 1. Does that make the
current form of the patch more palatable? An argument for waiting for the test
is that this patch then can use it at once. An argument against waiting is
that action enabler based tests currently don't check for nativity.


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