Follow-up Comment #2, bug #22089 (project freeciv):

Yeah I would guess that would be fully sufficient.

I was mainly thinking about ways to make buying (much) less viable. Increasing
buy cost and then having some 1 or 0 shield improvement with very high upkeep
for production boost (think work camp or something like that), would mean that
you are much less able to do last turn buys while still retaining similar
overall productivity.

As for reques I support adding them wherever possible :) As they give so much
flexibility while using generally quite simple structure/idea.

Prevent buy option is also nice. Though one observation: it seems rushing
wonder with caravan counts as buy, as game does not let you change production
on the same turn with such message (inability to chanbe production after
caravan has mostly clear reasoning). But ,I think, this "prevent buy" should
be made to not interfere with caravans ability.


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