Follow-up Comment #4, bug #22089 (project freeciv):

Well I think factor is more sensible, as makes it easier and more logical to
reduce costs. As negative bonus just does not sound right.

After this last comment I'm reconsidering the need of having req stack and per
condition adjustability to buy cost. I see buy as mostly not positive thing,
as it is highly unrealistic and also has significant effects on balance (but I
also see it as a kinda necessary evil for Civ games). And the described
framework would better go to unit/building cost - in shields/production. I
think I have talked about need for that on irc. Let such requirements system
adjust shield costs. So for example allowing cities with barracks produce
military units 10% faster or some such. This is much more interesting and
useful than such special bonuses to auxiliary thing like buying. And it would
still affect buying cost! :)

Of course rulesets still need ability to set global shield cost in gold when
buying. So that you could maybe have rulesets that strongly discourage it, or
maybe contrary - encourage it/make it very visible mechanic (not that it isn't
already, but early amounts of gold do not allow for much buying).


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