Follow-up Comment #1, patch #4787 (project freeciv):

If anyone wonders why I "bemoan" it, here is some explanation.

First of it's kinda free defense, and I can not see how that is a good thing.
You just don't become totally immune to something if it attacked you, with
regards to military units, so I do not see why it should be so with diplomatic

Second, that immunity stayed forever, no matter who stole from home, and if
city changed hands. So you might end up hitting cities that someone already
stolen tech from, thus loosing resources on thing that I think is absolutely

Third, (comes from second really) and probably most important, this allows,
what I would consider, a kind of abuse of rules, in a sense. Suppose you are
on a front line with enemy while your allies are further in a back, now if you
research techs, you don't simply give them to your allies, but ask them to
steal tech from front line cities. And your enemies can kiss the wall...

This is at very least obscure thing, probably insanely hard to counter, and
just leaves a bad feeling to me.


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