Follow-up Comment #3, patch #4787 (project freeciv):

Well, you can always defend with diplomats anyway. And conquest gives tech
too, I had one game in GT where my (an my alliance) advantage was lost very
quickly because enemy took over my cities. And finally your ally can always
back-stab you by giving everything to enemy.

Limited stealing however has other problem, it makes alliance considerably
stronger, and they already are a bit two strong IMO (and quote some LT/GT
people). Without any limitations (on alliances) games are caught up in
acreation until only two super alliances are left, as being lone in the open,
or even in smaller alliance is quite difficult. And such bipolar games are not
too fun. (Well at least last games on GT are without allied victory so that
stops such things at least a bit).

And even what you say I consider to not be too fair anyways. Maybe your
opponent invested in econ/prod/military, and you can come and destroy his
advantage with impunity. While he can do little about your advantage.

Though all that said your position is quite reasonable as for examples RTS do
not have such concepts (mostly, but there are counter examples), so if you
left behind in tech, you are behind. But if one wants such game, there can
simply be option to disable any tech transfer (and make everyone more equal,
allies or not)... I think jtn mentioned No_Tech_Source that should do that, so
such possibility is/will be available. :) (I also agree that such (no tech
transfer at all) games have a potential of being quite interesting).

But current half solution, that is semi exploitable does not seem too good.
But maybe its just matter of taste. Thus option as suggested by jtn is
probably best.


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