Follow-up Comment #1, bug #22281 (project freeciv):

Hm, yes, that could be clearer.

Also the Palace help could state explicitly that Palace means your capital
can't be incited to revolt, to contrast with the Courthouse's increase in
incite cost.

(This is also a useful example of the notion of "redundant" buildings being
discussed in patch #4885, bug #21992 etc. You might kind of want Courthouse to
be marked as "redundant" in the UI in non-Democracy governments, but:
* Redundancy logic does not know that No_Incite trumps Incite_Cost_Pct, and
probably shouldn't.
* In a Democracy, the Courthouse would do something useful (Make_Content) even
in your capital. Should that count as "redundant"? One day it could be useful
without the set of buildings in the city changing.
** You could probably trick the current logic into displaying it as redundant
by expressing the Democracy requirement as negated reqs for all the other
governments. (Gross.)
I suspect that it won't be possible for the engine to always infer redundancy
in the way we'd want from the building effects. But making ruleset authors
write their own "consider this building redundant / not redundant if these
requirements are met", which the engine can't check, is also ugly and
error-prone. Hm.)


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