Follow-up Comment #3, bug #22079 (project freeciv):

I don't really understand the comment: do you mean that when passing vtile to
player_can_build_extra(), is_req_active() is considering tile_city(vtile),
which does not return vcity?  If so, yes, this would break the logic.  Is
there a best way to ensure that is_citytile_in_range()is returning the correct
result in this situation?

would_extra_exist_in_city() is intended to check whether a given extra would
exist if a city was present on the provided tile (either be constructed
automatically with the founding of the city, or if already present, not be
destroyed when the city was built).

Thinking about this more, this probably should be fixed, as even when only
considering roads, the set of roads on a tile after a city is founded may be
very different than the set of roads considered by the AI before founding the
city (and there's no reason not to include the bases portion for S2_5).


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