Follow-up Comment #3, patch #4926 (project freeciv):

> I thought we changed it to not be SINGLE_MOVE again with
> attack_move_cost() in patch #3901

In pf_normal_map_iterate() and pf_danger_map_iterate(), the value was
overwritten to SINGLE_MOVE in any case.

Path-finding is like a photography. It checks the map at one given instant. It
is notably unable to deal with units moving at same time (easily reproducible
in client side). So a new photography is needed each time something on the map

> Do you think it makes sense to repurpose this ticket to change
> the action cost to the remainder of moves remaining in the
> turn for pathfinding in all cases, or just mark it "Won't Do"?
> I no longer think it useful to apply the attached patch, and
> would rather fix the individual bits of the AI in a series of
> separate patches than trying to do it all here.

Your patch looks good. It would make pf_path[last_position] able to know if
the unit would have moves left after moving. I would be happy if you commit


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