Follow-up Comment #2, patch #4988 (project freeciv):

The problem with returning TRI_MAYBE is that the various tests the AI uses to
determine if a requirement is really active right now all check with
RPT_CERTAIN and NULL target_output.  If VUT_OTYPE sets eval to TRI_MAYBE in
this situation, the requirement will be reported as unmet (when in fact, it
might be that it would have been met if called in the right situation).

    An an example of the issues with the current code, the logic used in patch
#4944 will always report active==FALSE for requirements vectors that include
VUT_OTYPE, such that there will be no increase in the AI want for the"Research
Methods" technology, because the VUT_OTYPE requirement will not be met.

    Looking at other uses of effect-provided-by-tech in the Alien ruleset, I
suspect the same treatment ought be given for VUT_SPECIALIST, so that the
"Specialist Training" technology is considered properly (updated patch

(file #21563)

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