Follow-up Comment #4, bug #22519 (project freeciv):

First let me apologize. I did the bug report out of my mind after having the
problem specifically with question mark again.

I did several tests now and have to correct me as follows:

- The game does not "crash", it just "quits" the current game and returns to
the start window (with Start new game, load game etc.)

- A "?" or "/" in a savegame name causes the game to quit, and this does not
necessarily happen only after pressing "Done!". It just happened to me when
moving a worker around after saving.

- Umlauts like "äöüÄÖÜ" do NOT cause a crash or quit but rather cause a
box like "[X]" in the savegame name, so this is a lower severity. Maybe the
font used there cannot show these characters? Probably should be a separate

- Special characters "!", "#" and "&" work just fine.
I didn't test any further special characters yet.

To your question. The chat console shows:
"Matthias: 'save testä'"
"Matthias: 'save test?'"

That's all. No failure notice in the latter case.

P.S. Can someone please update the issue title to reflect these test results?


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