Follow-up Comment #3, bug #22599 (project freeciv):

Reproducible from savegame, attached.

Environment: Debian 6 LTS
Compiled from SVN S2_5 Rev. 26245. Ctrl-R suggests I used no options to and make -j 4 && su -c "make install"

see civ menue has defect entry for government
set savename to test in server options
set revolution period to 2 in server options
set science rate to 100
move ships supported by Luanda and Bregent out of borders
press turn done three times
get anarchy
save as anarchy

Now you have the choice:
press turn done
get democracy (!) after 1 (!) turn (not 2)

The city upset resolved by opponent ...
The revolution setting differs from expectation - a bug?
Server chose Democracy as default action
Menue ist still defect

Or you do:
see government switched to anarchy, try to tell the server to go back to
democracy asap by means of menue, which fails because its not there, and you
(yes, you), in devestation, click wrongly on "Revolution" (a psychological
bug?) with the not wanted (but defined) result of and open end revolution
which doesn't give you the _chance_ on choosing democracy later on, due to the
menue bug in 1), above.

1) reproducible from savegame "kontinent-T0260-Y01770-manual.sav.bz2"

2) and 3) reproducible from savegame "anarchy" to be created in 1)


(file #22122)

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