Follow-up Comment #1, bug #22796 (project freeciv):

So far for UIs without "preview", entering my own "submit until readable" dead
loop now:

0 freeciv-manual -h lists -- --help as GUI help option.  freeciv-manual --
--help fails with "unknown option --".
0 freeciv-manual ends up in a dead loop or very long loop of assertion
failures. <verbatim>
in is_nation_pickable() [../../../../common/nation.c::206]:
assertion '!is_server()' failed. </verbatim>
0 freeciv-manual -d 3 -l deleteme.log reports that the dead or long loop
begins immediately after MANUAL_TERRAIN for MANUAL_BUILDINGS; manual4.html is
created, but empty.
0 The manual parts 1..3 consist of some odd mixture of HTML and MediaWiki
markup (no USE_HTML in civmanual.c line 83). No new bug, that was already odd
for 2.3/2.4.
0 Ignoring the Wiki markup the manual parts 1+2 (all server commands+options)
are fine, and ignoring the missing PNGs parts 3..5 were also interesting in
2.3/2.4.  But part 6 (MANUAL_GOV) is messy.  There is a "FIXME" in line 472

Suggested fix for (1) after looking in common/fc_cmdhelp.h, replace the 2nd
TRUE by FALSE in tools/civmanual.c line 617:
-    cmdhelp_display(help, TRUE, TRUE, TRUE);
+    cmdhelp_display(help, TRUE, FALSE, TRUE);


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