Follow-up Comment #7, bug #22796 (project freeciv):

> 1. freeciv-manual -h lists -- --help as GUI help option. 
> freeciv-manual -- --help fails with "unknown option --".
I will commit your patch under bug #22869.

> New observation: Part 4 (buildings) is not empty for LANG=C 
> (instead of auto de on my box). The output ends after "Barracks"
I couldn't reproduce this with latest S2_5 code, even with LANGUAGE=de.

>> Otherwise, freeciv-manual is unloved and unlikely to receive 
>> much maintenance. The strange mixture of Mediawiki and HTML 
>> is kinda by design, ish.
> Okay, but I don't get the "by design" idea. If folks want 
> manual pages for a specific ruleset, they would need a 
> browser (and the PNGs) for the -dUSE_HTML variant of the manual.
What I mean is that freeciv-manual isn't really for "folks", it's a helper for
us Freeciv maintainers to maintain our own wiki (although as you'll have
noticed, we haven't even been doing that). I occasionally use it for other
things like reviewing the effects of a change to the help system in bulk
(which is where the messy government help came from).

For it to be a credible user-facing tool, we'd want to make it more complete,
make USE_HTML a runtime option, etc; so far no-one's had the spare effort or
inclination. I've raised patch #5388 to document this more obviously.


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