Follow-up Comment #15, bug #21475 (project freeciv):

I had a look at various other themes. The freeciv theme is a version of an
antique gtk2 theme called Candido. This seems to have become the Murrine theme
in later years. But it seems all development on these themes stopped a few
years ago.

All the versions of Candido and Murrine I have tested also seem to have this

Two more examples freeciv-using-gtk2.24.24-in-Candido-DarkOrange.PNG

and freeciv-using-gtk2.24.24-in.pluto-gtk.PNG 

All the themes not based on the old Candido seem to work normally.

(file #22633, file #22634)

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File name: freeciv-using-gtk2.24.24-in.pluto-gtk.PNG Size:262 KB


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