Follow-up Comment #4, patch #5367 (project freeciv):

> 2. Idle units should maybe include sentried, fortifying, or 
> fortified ones?
I explicitly didn't include these, so that users can override the automatic
selection by putting the transport they didn't want chosen into sentry mode.

Yes, this is a UI hack (compensating for the lack of bug #13943), and will
probably confuse someone, but without it the only ways to override unwanted
transport selection probably involve spending movement points; whereas if you
wanted to load onto a fortified transport in the presence of an idle one (and
for some reason you couldn't sentry/fortify the unwanted one), making the
fortified unit temporarily idle for loading then fortifying again doesn't lose
fortified status.

> The C condition looks very ugly. I have some idea to improve 
> it (if I have time before you commit your patch).
Feel free. I'll hold off committing. It is very ugly.


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