Follow-up Comment #6, patch #5367 (project freeciv):

> This could looks like this...
It's verbose, but at least more conditions can be added with it disappearing
off the right margin. OK.

> noticed it considers the moves points left of the units, not 
> the move rate. This could probably be improved;
Of course this function has no idea if the cargo is setting out on a short
journey or a long one.
I think moves left should have higher priority; the scenario I have in mind is
two transports in a city, one of which has moved this turn; I want to choose
the other. That's why I chose moves_left.
While we could sum moves_left and moves_rate the result could be
counterintuitive -- don't want to force players to do arithmetic to work out
what their UI action will do -- so probably move_rate should be a lower term
in the lexicographic test, below moves_left which players can see directly in
the UI.

> I think a test with the sum of all transporters' move 
> rate(/moves left) may be used for a last test.
Could do, as we're iterating over transports anyway.
Perhaps combine with the previous: sum all moves_left + move_rate (which for
the common case of single levels of transport degenerates to test moves_left,
then test moves_left+move_rate, which is like testing moves_left then


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