Follow-up Comment #2, bug #22804 (project freeciv):

Now I remember that another reason to change this requisite from aqueduct, to
pop 9, was to simplify the code because there are 3 different aqueduct types
in this ruleset, and it makes the requirements more complicated.

I made a simple patch where the unlimited effect of the sewer system require
the presence of some of the aqueducts. But I kept the health bonus of the
sewers unlinked to aqueducts.

By the way, in my games I do not find it worth to build the sewer system in
most of my cities. Do you think we should reduce the pop limit of aqueducts
from 16 to 12, as classic rules?
I increased the limit to 16 to encourage large cities, but now I think that it
makes 16 the optimal size, and it is not really worth to grow larger than


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