Follow-up Comment #4, bug #22803 (project freeciv):

I have been testing a game with this patch, and I'm afraid I did not fully
understand the effects of this patch when I read your description, and now I'm
thinking it would be good to keep it optional.

In my test I had a city with pop 8 that was going to grow to pop 9 the next
turn, but it was hit by a plague and ended with pop 7 and the foodbox empty,
so I actually lost 2 population (1 pop and 1 full foodbox).
If plague came delayed one turn, the city would have ended with pop 8, losing
only 1 pop and no food.

It makes the effect of plagues even more random, and I think I prefer the old
behavior where you always lose 1 pop (equal to 1 full foodbox). Perhaps the
city grows to pop 8 the turn after the plague, but it would have grown to pop
9 without the plague.

Sorry my change of mind.


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