Follow-up Comment #7, patch #5027 (project freeciv):

My impressions after testing them a bit (by manually pasting them to

- I'm liking how the short wall looks in all terrains (5th from left to
- When I test walls with towers both in front and rear (7th), they overlap and
it looks odd.
- I like the standard wall with no towers (6th), and the 3 towers in front
with no tower at back (8th).

- The dirt airbase (1st) looks good over plain terrains, but it looks weird
over hills/moutains or rivers/forests.
- The tarmac airbase with one single runway (2th) looks out of place in most
- I'm liking a lot the airbase with tower (4th).

I think the 4th and 8th would be perfect for civ2civ3, keeping the default
bases as pre-fortresses.


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