> On Dec 17, 2016, at 3:45 PM, thraex <thr...@numericable.fr> wrote:
> Jerome Shidel wrote:
>>> On Dec 10, 2016, at 2:10 PM, Ercan Ersoy wrote:
>>> I'm using Oracle VirtualBox 5.1.10. I installed FreeDOS 1.2 RC2 on
>>> virtual machine. I selected Turkish language in setup. In setup and
>>> after install, Turkish characters isn't applied by FreeDOS.
>> (...) Displayed codepage
>> settings are not changed during the install process or configured for
>> the installed system. Probably, future versions may do that.
>> Unfortunately, it is too late in the release cycle to implement that
>> feature for 1.2. It would not be very complicated to add. But, it would
>> “ship" completely untested.
> Then may I humbly suggest to postpone the release of 1.2 for say one 
> month, and to release one more RC? After all, the main reason of this 
> postponing would be received contributions so this seems like a valid 
> reason to me (and because currently the Turkish installer looks really 
> bad without the right codepage). This way, new translations could be 
> added from freedoslocal.sf.net too.
> The downside would be more work for you guys, but IMHO the idea is worth 
> considering. What do you think?

There will always be more things that could be added, improved, updated or 
changed. :-)

For the most part, all supported language submissions took place many months 
ago. And the release phase for version 1.2 switched from final development of 
the installer to final testing in October. No further package updates or 
installer changes were to be made during this phase of the release. Only 
testing and installation related bug fixes. Turkish was provided very late in 
the release cycle. So, only partial support will make it into the 1.2 release. 

However, support for the codepage stuff will probably be implemented soon after 
the 1.2 release. This is a far more complicated issue than it may seem. Things 
like: The current display code page handler cannot be unloaded from memory. 
Available space on the install Media. Valid code page information, fonts and 
settings. Etc. But, it should make it in there eventually. 

There are other issues that will have to wait until after 1.2. For example, 
package updates to Free Pascal. A full install of FPC 3.0.0 requires LFN 
support. Would a stripped down version work without LFN? Should it require LFN? 
Should it be broken up into multiple packages? Now take DJGPP. Head over to the 
website. What exactly should be included from the multiple gigabytes of files? 
How about UDVD2 v2015? Are sources available? Is the license compatible? There 
are probably other packages to be worked on as well as these few.  But, they 
all need to wait as well.


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