Hi guys,

BTW, Unzip hasn't had a proper release since 2009 (AFAIK).

No, it hasn't. Version 6.0 is supposed to be a major release, only with some bug fixes (I also reported one and it got fixed) and preparation for another major release, version 6.1 (or 7.0). Same with Zip 3.0 -> 3.1.

If I may advertize myself, you can download my compilations (DOS 16-bit: Borland C++ 3.1; 32-bit: DJGPP 2.03) from http://sta.c64.org/dosprg/unz600x.exe and http://sta.c64.org/dosprg/zip300x.zip . I haven't extensively tested them, though. (I'm using the 32-bit Windows version instead.)

KOVÁCS Balázs aka Joe Forster/STA; s...@c64.rulez.org; http://sta.c64.org
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