On Tue, Jan 10, 2017 at 4:58 AM, Joe Forster/STA <s...@c64.rulez.org> wrote:
>> BTW, Unzip hasn't had a proper release since 2009 (AFAIK).
> No, it hasn't.

I was halfway implying that FreeDOS wasn't necessarily incompetent
here, that it just hasn't changed much upstream since then. Hence
there's really nothing "new" to ship.

> Version 6.0 is supposed to be a major release, only with some
> bug fixes (I also reported one and it got fixed) and preparation for another
> major release, version 6.1 (or 7.0). Same with Zip 3.0 -> 3.1.


Unfortunately, not much has changed in recent years (last Unzip beta
was in 2010). I guess 6.00 is "good enough" for most people already.

There was a ZIP 3.1d beta about a year ago (2015), but apparently that
also never got finalized (and isn't even on their SF.net site).


> If I may advertize myself, you can download my compilations (DOS 16-bit:
> Borland C++ 3.1; 32-bit: DJGPP 2.03) from
> http://sta.c64.org/dosprg/unz600x.exe and
> http://sta.c64.org/dosprg/zip300x.zip . I haven't extensively tested them,
> though. (I'm using the 32-bit Windows version instead.)

But your binaries report the same 6.0 (2009) version. Is there a
practical difference? Are there additional bugfixes? Or did you just
want smaller size?

As much as I like smaller size, I think DJGPP 2.03p2 is dead and 2.05
should be preferred. It's not wrong to use it, of course (and I still
stick to my own 2.03p2-recompiled Unzip on my MetaDOS floppy that is
almost the exact same size as yours ... sadly not using UPX "lzma" due
to complaint), but I still wonder whether it's "better" or not. Didn't
2.05 fix some rare LFN issues? And of course it'd be bigger, but it'd
also have DJGPP-ish symlinks, which is sometimes nice. If you wanted
small size, symlink support would be where to look to trim the fat
(oops, forgot about printf [doprnt or whatever], ugh).

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