Hi guys,

BTW, Unzip hasn't had a proper release since 2009 (AFAIK).

No, it hasn't.

I was halfway implying that FreeDOS wasn't necessarily incompetent
here, that it just hasn't changed much upstream since then. Hence
there's really nothing "new" to ship.

I know, there really is nothing we can do about it, I just confirmed the "AFAIK".

If I may advertize myself, you can download my compilations

But your binaries report the same 6.0 (2009) version. Is there a practical difference? Are there additional bugfixes? Or did you just want smaller size?

There is supposed to be no difference _at_all_ because I compiled them from the original source. The point was that when I compiled them there was no official binary package for DOS yet (and no DJGPP 2.05 either). :-)

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