> On Apr 18, 2017, at 12:48 PM, Jim Hall <jh...@freedos.org> wrote:
> Looks like your program generates specific frequencies for a defined duration:
>       printf("SOUND - Output sound from PC speaker.\r\n");
>       printf("  SOUND frequency delay\r\n");
>       printf("\r\n");
>       printf("Options:\r\n");
>       printf("frequency  Output sound frequency in Hz.\r\n");
>       printf("delay      Delay with output sound in ms.\r\n");
> A simple program, but possibly interesting. It reminds me somewhat of a 
> demonstration someone gave waaaaaaaaay back on the Altair 8080, where they 
> created a program then put a radio next to the system. When the program ran, 
> it induced sound through the radio, playing a little song.
> I wonder if someone who is interested in retro stuff might want to do 
> something similar through your program.
> It's too narrow and limited to include in the FreeDOS distro, but I'll gladly 
> tweet it on our Twitter account so folks can find it.

Also, there is already simple command line program included in V8Power Tools 
that can perform this task and a little more.

vpcspkr —  https://github.com/LoopZ/V8Power/blob/master/README.md#vpcspkr-hzms 

It will also do multiple items, something like (hz:ms):

vpcspkr 200:200 0:50 300:200 0 100:500 0


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