I have written a small "four in a row" game.
Some may know this game under the name "connect four",
however that name is trademarked.

It's small and not very exciting, but maybe you DOS-people
find it usefull.



I'm always fascinated with small programs, small as can be.
Then I came across Bruce's C compiler. I read it could cross-compile
for DOS, but only up to 64kB. My first thought was that this is very
small... But then I thought, wait a minute... my very first computer
only had 16kB of RAM. At that time 64kB wasn't considered small at all!
So, I started a journey to explore, what I could do with such an
"enormous memory"...

You should never judge a program by the size of the binary.
In fact in the beginnig this program was actually larger with less
functionality, until I started to optimize it.

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