On 4/12/2023 5:08 PM, Jim Hall wrote:
A user emailed me (late last year) with a bug/issue report on
FreePascal in FreeDOS 1.3. I was going to (finally) reply to say they
really should ask the FreePascal people about this, but I realized I
couldn't really make out what they were saying. This is the part of
their email that relates to the FreePascal problem:

I believe this is a Free Pascal issue because the short
hello world test works, but if you decide to use any
objects, the Video unit is completely missing.  There is
reference to consolidation of the video functions but no
references to where the the functions in that unit went.
Actually as good as Free Pascal are, they are getting
pretty sloppy with keeping their work updates current in
their wiki.  There are a lot of circular references that
are dead ends when it comes to useful information for
experienced users.

Not sure what this is talking about, but I'm not a Pascal programmer.
And their email kept going off onto tangents, so it was hard to
follow. Does this "bug report" make sense to anyone?

Well, (s)he is rather thin on any details, but it sounds as if the OP expects that FreePascal is a drop-in replacement for Turbo-Pascal. Which it isn't.

The 16bit x86 (DOS) version is a bit of a step child at FreePascal, and I am not sure how usable the latest version of this actually is. This is on my to-do list, unfortunately currently further to the end of that, to check and verify how much work it is to get old Turbo Pascal stuff working with the 16bit version. And the 32bit version (using the GO32 DOS Extender) has also been behind the general development of FP, with some of the OOP stuff probably not applicable at all anymore.



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