Hi Chris, Jeremy,

> Commit 1705 renames a particular LoL field CPULevel and adds a comment  
> correctly claiming that MS-DOS sets this field to 1 on 386+ CPUs and to 0  
> otherwise. The commit however makes the boot loader store the detected CPU  
> level (0, 1, 2, or 3) there instead. I don't think it's necessary to use  
> the field in an incompatible manner, and neither is the new 21.33  

I totally agree. Reporting 386 versus older is more compatible and
good enough. Only in rare cases when you want to know exactly, you
would have to fall back to a tool such as CPULEVEL, but for a kernel
flag, "32 bit CPU" is exact enough information :-)

> subfunction that the commit adds, because no one uses it yet. Even so,

You do not need an unused API function to read a rarely read field
because the very few tools interested in the field can read LoL :-)

> the subfunction does not require using that particular field to store
> the detected CPU level.

Even that... And by the way, I agree with Tom that flexible sector
sizes are a bit shaky and the default compile should use 512 byte.

However, a CONFIG.SYS option to modify the max sector size at boot
would be a good compromise between hardcoding this at compile time
and spending code and effort on automatic sizing at boot initdisk.


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