Op 19-2-2012 20:10, Eric Auer schreef:

> For the VERY exotic case that you have a bootdisk which
> boots from memdisk on 386 and without on older 386, if
> you can still find any... And the exotic case where the
> two styles of booting still share the same config sys?

I'm still aiming at a unified installation bootdisk. And yes, I agree 
ODIN is usually a far better idea for pre-386 systems.
[ http://www.reactos.org/bugzilla/attachment.cgi?id=7374 ] is a 
simplified version of a bootdisk containing Syslinux/Memdisk (and your 
CPUBOOT program could protect pre-386 systems).

> then they can just boot ANYTHING from another portable
> boot drive and whether they can mess up how your DOS
> portable boot drive acts is a relatively small worry.

Yes. Actually I'm currently having trouble using this memdisk-args 
stuff, might be lack of a menu system used in my config.sys. Seeing some 
memdisk-related output (the version) so assume it's compiled into the 
kernel by default.

> I do not understand... Anyway, here is what RayeR says:

Working on stuff in quiet periods and then having it sit around until 
being able to find time again before releasing, is a waste.


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