Hi Bernd,

>> (untested, just "history.txt" __IS__ updated this time)
>> but nobody annouced it :-D

Yes, why?? I forward a message from RayeR in the forum below.

> It's a secret to everybody!
> (hm, too much Zelda)
> The pre-386/memdisk detection is a good thing, finally a unified kernel.

For the VERY exotic case that you have a bootdisk which
boots from memdisk on 386 and without on older 386, if
you can still find any... And the exotic case where the
two styles of booting still share the same config sys?

> Right until someone does a "append FD={INSTALL=FORMAT C: /Z:SERIOUSLY}"

You might want to use a login to protect advanced boot
menu options. However, if people can boot DOS from a
memdisk - I assume this is NOT now they boot from C:!
then they can just boot ANYTHING from another portable
boot drive and whether they can mess up how your DOS
portable boot drive acts is a relatively small worry.

> Having 2041 out when maintainers had time for it relieves them from 
> pressure for implementing stuff and releasing new versions.

I do not understand... Anyway, here is what RayeR says:

> posted by RayeR(R) Homepage, CZ, 19.02.2012, 17:39
> Thx for notification. Let's see what's new:
> 2012 Feb 07 - Build 2041
> -------- Jeremy Davis
> + Changes Jeremy
> * r1637 fix out of range byte in country.asm
> * r1685 add int 2f subfunc 122B and 122D from Eduardo Casino
> * r1697 from Pete Batard, do not display CHS mismatch warning
> during booting when forcing LBA mode option set
> * r1702 improve handling for sectors not 512 bytes in size
> (up to 2048 bytes, larger sizes not yet working)
> * r1705 add cpu detection so memdisk args supported in 8086 build
> Seems like minor changes except the support for 2048 sectors?
> Where is it used? I know that CDROM use 2kB sectores but it was
> handled by driver for a long time. I also read that some new HDDs
> have 4kB sectors but AFAIK they still emulate 512B sectors for system.
> ---
> DOS gives me freedom to unlimited HW access.

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