>> Dear PerditionC,
>>    UBYTE DiskTransferBuffer[MAX_SEC_SIZE];
>> wastes 3,5 KB low memory for *everybody*, not only when it's needed.
>> regarding how much time we have spend until we had 640000 byte free
>> I think this is a bad idea

> please see my previous messages, I know exactly how much space is
> wasted and clearly stated this along with statement 512 will be
> default (and was already changed to such earlier)

>> I also think that these experiments should NOT be in the stable
>> branch.
>> fork it, and make another 'unstable' branch if you want to experiment,
>> but don't experiment with code that is supposed to be stable.
>> Regards, Tom

> These are not experiments,
these are - in the current state - even useless experiments.

> this is me working to improve compatibility
> with MSDOS and existing though rare disks.

a) the only problematic disks have a 4K sectors. your fix doesn't work
with them.

b) these disks don't exist, as there is currently no USB stack that
supports 4K sectors

I don't mind if you work on an unstable branch, or on your own local
copy of the freedos kernel.

however generating AGAIN an unstable kernel 2041 is a real bad idea.

and tagging current state (after the questionable 1705) '2041' without
further discussion is shit.


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