> that has low priority imho, as drives with large sectors
> are a temporary thing, will be gone with GPT partitions.

MBR partitioned disks will be gone shortly after the famous gate A20
is gone ;)

currently *visible* 4KB sectors exist for a single purpose:
to support disks > 2TB for Windows XP. therefore some USB drives
to support disks > simulate 4KB sectors, even if the disk itself has
to support disks > 512 Byte sectors. Even if the underlyying disk
has really 4K sectors, all disks emulate 512 Byte sector size, so
they can be used to boot Windows XP.

as Windows XP can handle secondary disks with sector size > 512, we
will see many USB adapters simulating sectors > 512.

the Western Digital 3TB in 'My Book Essential' seems to have even 8K


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