> I am interested in writing a new driver, one that would allow you to
> boot and run dos on a EXT3 partition.

booting from EXT3 would require to make EXT3 part of the kernel.
not going to happen.

otoh there is virtually no disadvantage to have a loadable TSR to make
EXT3 available as a redirector.

> In your other message you said
> that ETX3 was a multithreaded fs.  In that case it would be wiser to
> first add multithreaded support to the FreeDOS kernel.  It will be
> hard, but well worth the time I believe.

don't wait for multithreading support from kernel.

in the good old times, when DOS was still active, disk caching
software implemented 'multithreading' by chaining into
TIMER and IDLE interrupts.

just because so far no FreeDOS disk cache supports write caching
doesn't mean it doesn't exist


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