The basic idea is to start with a fresh install of an Ubuntu LTS server. Then a Script could install all the rest. I am already doing this on a project and it works very well, all scripts are posted on github: (sorry, it's in portuguese due to local colaborators)

On basic script could install DOSEMU with an updated FreeDOS and maybe a few needed packages. I have a set of guidelines that I could translate

Another small script could create a DOSEMU instance. The default screen could be a FreeDOS console
Remember that dosemu can run a DOS program from de Linux command line ;-)

WHAT I DON'T KNOW is the minimum system to run graphics programs in FreeDOS+Dosemu+Linux, I have allways used with X

_Would you give it a try_? Just start with a plain Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 32bits (use VirtualBox), it has a dosemu package that works prety well


Em 16-08-2015 03:09, Till escreveu:
Quoting Alain Mouette <>:

Why not use all that effort to run FreeDOS over Linux? Dosemu works very

It has already been done in the past, mas it was slackware based and as
soon as released had no mantainance, so it went dead.

*) you get all the drivers to run on any hardware
*) you can run multiple FreeDOS instances, it works very well
*) disk sharing works very well
*) networking via PacketDriver woks just fine, it may just be a bit
confusing to configure

and you can have background tasks in Linux for other tasks ans remote

It would be just fine to make it over Ubuntu LTS, and I am willing to help.

PS: I have some legacy system runing in Dosemu and I use that regularly
for development

This is a brilliant idea that I would love to see come to life.  I'm
interested in hearing more about this.


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