Quoting Alain Mouette <ala...@pobox.com>:

> Why not use all that effort to run FreeDOS over Linux? Dosemu works very
> well...
> It has already been done in the past, mas it was slackware based and as
> soon as released had no mantainance, so it went dead.
> *) you get all the drivers to run on any hardware
> *) you can run multiple FreeDOS instances, it works very well
> *) disk sharing works very well
> *) networking via PacketDriver woks just fine, it may just be a bit
> confusing to configure
> and you can have background tasks in Linux for other tasks ans remote
> access.
> It would be just fine to make it over Ubuntu LTS, and I am willing to help.
> PS: I have some legacy system runing in Dosemu and I use that regularly
> for development

This is a brilliant idea that I would love to see come to life.  I'm  
interested in hearing more about this.


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